Commercial General Liability in Marinette, WI, Peshtigo, WI, and Menominee, MI

Business owners face plenty of risk on a daily basis. A general liability insurance policy—also known as business liability insurance—protects businesses from claims that result from normal business operations.  

What does general liability insurance cover? 

A general liability insurance policy is an agreement between a business owner and an insurer in which the business owner pays an insurance premium in exchange for financial assistance following a covered incident. Claims such as injuries, burglaries and property damage are a few examples of when a general liability policy might help cover these expenses. Financial assistance might depend on certain aspects such as how much a business owner pays for their insurance premium. 

How much coverage does your business need? 

The amount of coverage your business needs depends on the following three factors: 

  • Perceived risk. Consider the amount of risk associated with your business operations and functions; for instance, if you manufacture heavy machinery, you would generally need more coverage than another organization that manufactures stuffed animals.
  • Premises and operations liability. If you operate in a state with a reputation for rewarding high damages, then you may wish to purchase higher limits of liability.
  • Type of product manufactured. If you manufacture a potentially dangerous product, you may want to carry higher limits of liability. 

Our agency can help you find general liability coverage tailored to your needs. 

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